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Player Information

Name: Ki
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kinam
Age: 24
Contact Info: breedslilacs @ aim and [ profile] therapeuticGuns
Other Characters Played: [AU2] Rose Lalonde
[AU1] Yuka Mochida

Character Information

Character Name: Mamoru Endou
Character Series: Inazuma Eleven
Character Age: 14
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: Season 1;Episode 27
Background Link: Here!

Endou is a very optimistic guy with a never-say-die spirit. When faced with a difficult situation, his response is to never give up. "You never know which team the goddess of victory will smile upon until the end of the match." Even if the circumstances seem impossible or his allies are giving up, he will keep trying. But he doesn't do it so much for himself as he does it for his friends. His loyalty is unfallable and when they need a boost in moral, Endou is always there. He will stay standing until his friends are able to rise to their feet again, and this often lifts their spirits so that they can.

He's an extremely supportive person, caring about how his friends are and feel and always doing his best to encourage them and fire them up for upcoming trials. Whether it's practice to get better or perfect a technique, or it's for a match that's approaching, he's going to be the one to push everyone and remind them that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. And he'll do it come rain or shine. He may be troubled but he'll put on a smile and carry on like nothing is wrong. He would prefer his friends focus on themselves and the match than worry about him. And when I say friends, I mean everyone he comes into contact with basically. Endou has a belief that there are no allies or enemies off the field, and he holds true with this. You have to be a very evil person for him to dislike you, and even then it's less that he won't like you so much as he won't approve of what you've done.

It's extremely hard to keep Endou down, and this is after how difficult it is to get him down in the first place. He may be beaten and battered, but he will always get back up. Always. And he will come back stronger than he was before. And even while he's being assaulted, he's paying attention and learning all he can so that he can grow and defeat whatever is giving him trouble. He's very energetic and outgoing, and this likely attributes to his determination. Of course, it could also be how stubborn and headstrong he can be as well. He can be both of these almost to a fault in fact, causing him to be reckless at times. He may end up injured, but he's not going to give up or give in. You can't tell him he can't do something.

And if you do, you might come face to face with how hot headed he can be sometimes. He doesn't have a terrible temper, but he can certainly get a little cranky. Especially when it comes to insulting the ability of his team. Tied into this Endou is capable of being serious despite his over the top energy and happiness. The latter seems to win out more often however, aided by how oblivious and imaginative he tends to be.

All of this gives him a rather magnetic personality. Even those who consider themselves his enemies find it hard to ignore him. Either because he's winning them over or they find his determination intriguing.

Abilities: Endou has a number of Hissatsu Techniques at his disposal. Hissatsu techniques are skills that utilize the energy of the players to move the soccer ball how they want, block it, give it extra power when going for a shot, etc.

Endou has a handful of Block techniques which he can use on his own, as well as Shot techniques though these are all combination types and therefor require teammates to use. Therefor they're pretty much useless on their own.

God Hand
Nekketsu Punch
Bakuretsu Punch
Majin the Hand

Inazuma 1
-Combination technique with Gouenji
Inazuma 1 Otoshi
-Combination technique with Gouenji and Kabeyama
Inazuma Break
-Combination technique with Kidou and Gouenji
-Combination technique with Domon and Ichinose
The Phoenix
-Combination technique with Domon and Ichinose

Beyond this, Endou is an athlete. He has strong stamina and endurance, as well as fairly powerful legs. Soccer and all that. He also has a fairly high pain tolerance.

Sample Entry: Dear Mun

"Aaaaaugh..." He was going to die. He just knew it. His head rested against the wall as he stared at what would be the end of him. The glowing light that shifted slowly in front of him, almost mockingly. There was nothing he could do and he knew it. In the early part of the fight he'd exhausted all his options, and now there was nothing left for him to do but wait.

"Just hurry up already!" Endou kicked at it, but the blow did nothing to help him. It was playing with him, toying with him like a cat plays with a mouse before it finally eats it. "I can't stand this!" His fists hit the wall, but the strike was lack luster at this point. He knew it would be no use. No amount of physical force would help him escape. His eyes shifted to the light again, only to find it had barely moved at all, still staring at him stoicly. All he could do was wait.

"Please..." he begged. "Please," he pleaded! "Why are you taking so long? I know they said this place was horrible, but this...this is too much..." His back slid down in the corner where he was stuck, soon having him sitting on the floor. His legs rested out in front of him and his hands sat limply in his lap. "This is torture. This is absolute torture. How could anything be so cruel? Why hadn't Kidou warned me about you...?" Why would his best friend let him meet such a horrible fate? Why would he abandon him to be so cruelly punished? What had he done to deserve this? As the questions spun through his mind, he waited.

Finally the light stopped. His bowed head raised, staring at the mouth of the beast as it slowly split open. He was ready. He got to his feet, clenching his fists and preparing himself. Soon the jaws were wide open and he made a break for it, sprinting from the tiny confinement straight into the maw of the monster...and once he was on the other side...

He had to turn around and kick the door as it shut before jogging off. "I am never taking the elevator again. Who designs an elevator that goes so slow?! That was just horrible!" Screw you tower. He was just going to take your damn stairs from now on.


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